Verian is a pioneer business solutions platform that specializes in support of SME’s who require Recruitment expertise and Talent Acquisition Solutions. 

Verian recognises that modern businesses often require expert advice and solutions in the recruitment arena, which may be sporadic, cyclical or for some, a long term pillar of support that will work with companies now constantly changing, developing aims and ambitions to achieve something special in terms of the people they hire.

Businesses with modern thinking are fast realising the benefits to implementing flexible recruitment models and being able to respond to constantly changing economic environments. Flexible Workforce Planning models are seen as part of the answer to this, using a “look at the now” and “what the future might be” approach and ensuring that an agile response can be made to their talent acquisitions need, being able to flex up or down or evolve by hiring new skills in line with changing business requirements as client behaviours differ. 

An example of this could be the shift to online services in light of restricted physical presence for people and businesses to conduct business, in a retail environment less people may be  required to work in a store but perhaps more staff are required to work with the ecommerce side to that same business. Perhaps they also need more IT staff to help with their online client reliance or analysts to understand data.

Verian can be both a recruitment partner to hire skills required on an ongoing basis or a platform to assist specific campaigns or consult on strategy, define new requirements.  

We have a natural interest, skills and experience in these subject areas, we also have an energy to provide effective and efficient solutions in often complex, business-critical and essential SME requirements. 

Our friendly and honest approach supports Individuals and SME’s to achieve their Recruitment ambitions and looks to guide and offer best advice at all times. 

Based at the heart of England in the Midlands, Verian can reach all geographical areas and all industry sectors with our expertise, our clients cover a wide range of industry sectors including Fintech platforms to Recruitment Agencies, IT Solutions platforms to Manufacturing, Sales and Service providers. 

Talk to us today to see how we can complement your recruitment model or perhaps create a new one for you.