Search Engine Marketing

Get ahead of the queue by paying to be at the top

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the practise of paying to be placed above the organic results in the search results.

A simple concept but if it’s not monitored and setup correctly, it’s an efficient way to throw large amounts of money away.

Pay for Clicks

SEM, often referred to as PPC and/or “Paid Search”, is effectively paid advertising on search results. This is often run in conjunction with SEO and requires alignment with your business objectives together with onward monitoring and analysis against targets.

It’s not imperative to use SEM but the returns can be good. reported that on average for every $1 invested, $2 is made. 

Google ads is by far the most well known and used platform however there are a host of alternate competitors to this service as well as social media PPC platforms too. SEM will also include further tools such as Retargeting Adverts, Display Advertising, Mobile only Marketing and Paid Social Advertising. The options are vast.

With so many choices out there Verian can help you navigate the best solution for your business model, we can also provide ongoing management of your paid advertising model and analyse the success of your SEM campaigns to understand return against investment.

These tools can appear cheap, with costs per click as low as 0.1 pence or cent, however not used in the right way and not monitoring them may cost you more than reward you and so planning is key to the success of your SEM efforts. Speak to Verian to see how you can be successful with SEM.

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