Search Engine Optimisation

The act of adapting a website to be properly understood by search engines.

Search engines have become vastly more sophisticated than they once were but they’re not infallible and need some help to be certain they evaluate your site correctly.

Free Traffic

At Verian your company website is important to us, we understand that in the modern business world a company website is a vital piece of your overall armoury to attract customers and secure business.

Website appearance, content offered and user experience (UX) is key to your business appearing professional, aware of its customers, providing readers with useful content and is relevant against the competition found in web searches.

Gone are the days where cramming a few keywords supported by nice images are able to ensure your site ranks well for organic traffic search results. Google Panda and Penguin algorithms changes mean that now for your website to rank high in organic search engine results you need to have a website that provides good quality, often unique content and it must offer web searchers a quality and efficient website experience.

Your website being found organically and attracting traffic to your site is now tougher than ever with thousands of competition sites, clashing search terms and advertised traffic distracting readers and searchers finding your business.

A Handful of Recent Successes

An SEO firm is only as good as its results, here are some of ours

UK – Commercial Printer – 2030% increase.
France – Software Distributors – 1507% increase
Long Term
Australia – HVAC Equipment distributors – 344% increase
UK – Health Site – 631% increase.
Global – Beauty Content Site – 515% increase
UK – Recruitment Agency – 237% increase
UK – Retail Tag Manufacturer – 261% increase.
Further SEO Success
UK – Woodworking Application – 255% increase
USA – Appliance Repairers – 215% increase

How do we at Verian Counter this Problem?

Well for starters, we use over 20 years of search engine management experience and having managed many top ranking global websites ourselves, we also use leading industry training coupled with the most current industry tools to help analyse your website. We understand the current and future potential site challenges and provide detailed solutions that can help to counter the ever changing digital search world your website has to navigate.

Beyond the initial research and immediate site solutions we can offer from deep audit and analysis of your website, we can also provide ongoing website management to ensure the upkeep of content and extract negative performing areas of your site. The benefits to this range from reacting and countering to global algorithm updates from search engines such as Google or Bing to ensuring your website remains competitive by conducting regular link analysis and link building, content updates and a multitude of other measures

By allowing Verian to be your websites eyes and ears we can reduce the negative impact of global search engine changes, enhance your websites organic ranking through non risk measures, reduce your own time being spent on website administration and give you the confidence that your site is in good hands leaving you to focus on other business matters.

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