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You can run but you can’t hide, social media is a big part of many people’s world so it’s another way to get your product or service in front of an audience.

Social Media
Engagement and Advertising

Life would be unrecognisable from what it is today without social media. Over half the population of the globe uses it, that’s significantly more than the proportion of the world with access to basic sanitation. Yet its technology and certainly its popularity is barely a decade old.

Social media can be leveraged in several ways to gather visitors and attention. The traditional way, if that’s the right word for something so new, is to attract interest by posting material that is of interest to your target audience and hoping it gets passed around enough to attract people to do what your business is interested in be it sales, subscribers or just plain visitors.

When the social media platforms became entrenched in our lives they turned to advertising to monetise their business model as was the intention all along for most of them, to be fair they have to make a profit as they are commercial organisations.

Social media advertising or marketing can be laser targeted to almost any demographic, interest group or geographical area.

Verian can help you initiate, monitor and control your SMMM (Social Media Marketing and Management) efforts to ensure you get the very most return from your investment.

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