About Us

“Verian” is the collaboration of Ian Patrick and Mark Larner amidst the bizarre circumstances of the Covid19 pandemic, redundancy and the realisation of opportunity which saw us recalibrate our career paths and develop something that can positively help other people or businesses with our experience, knowledge and connections.

We believe that digital presence is of key importance, emphasised more than ever with global restrictions on people movement that we are now facing, and the reliance on digital platforms to reach our audiences and customers.

Our Mission

At Verian we wish to simplify management of digital presence for people and businesses and to offer services and solutions that make these more achievable.

And that’s where Verian Business Solutions Ltd begins.

Our Values

We believe in an Ethical approach to our work and the people we engage with, we expect to build and receive Trust with our clients and customers to acquire solid working relations and, we wish to be Inclusive with our business model and treat all people equally, with respect.

Ian Patrick

My SEO career spans over 20 years and I know what it takes to rank 1st page of Google from personal experience. SEO Methods and practices are constantly changing, algorithms are being regularly updated by the likes of Google, staying on top of all these changes and keeping your website ranking going in the right direction is a career focus for me.

At Jade Web Design I have offered both website management and SEO solutions to a global audience. My clients over the years have been from a wide variety of industry sectors, operating with both a B2C and B2B focus. My customers receive seen safe hands management of their websites, enhancements to long term organic search performance and results that match their business goals and objectives.

Up until 2012, it was easy to rank well but nowadays it’s more of a balancing act and it’s easy to do more harm than good, often with catastrophic results.

In order to ensure organic search results are good for your website you must Improve existing content, produce new content, manage inbound links, generate inbound citation, identify and implement technical improvements. There is no one magic solution to good SEO, you have to be regularly on top of it, devote time and effort, ensure you are up to date with changes, trends and user expectations.

By doing these things and more you avoid risk to long term success of your website ranking.

It is fair to say I have always been a “Techy” although my education route saw me heading toward a different career path first, gaining a BSc (HONS) in Applied Chemistry at Kingston University. Technical IT solutions quickly took centre stage though and my initial working experience with Stone Computers saw me providing a variety of hardware and software support to businesses up and down the country.

Mark Larner

My experience around SEO began with responsibility of digital platforms, content and advertising for the Talent Attraction industry over the past 15 years. Writing content, designing and managing advertising campaigns and being responsible for associated social media presence at both a leading UK Heating Solutions Product Manufacturer with a 360m turnover and previously to a nationwide agency supplying leading global brands with talent solutions.

In addition to this experience I have had the benefit of being mentored by an SEO expert of over 20 years and I have also successfully completed industry leading training via the SEO That Works model and gained certification of Digital Marketing via Google’s own Digital Garage. All of this enables me to fully understand SEO and to help manage and increase organic traffic results generated by search engines. My SEO improvement capabilities are varied and I also recognise the potential pitfalls of offsite reputation management.

My time within the Talent Attraction industry also gave me a great understanding of general commercial business and operational structures. My work was carried out across multiple industries ranging from global ecommerce platforms and FMCG’s to leading brand manufacturers and engineering firms both B2B and B2C focused.

Throughout my career I have developed a real understanding of just how important brand, image and user experience is to a business, get those right and it can be really powerful to both your people and your customer, get it wrong and it can be so damaging to both.

On the recruitment side, I love to help enable peoples careers to develop and build long term partnerships with businesses where I can become a trusted partner.

Mark Larner

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