Executive Coaching

If you develop your people you improve your productivity 

Provide business and personal direction enabling individuals to achieve objectives and
improve business culture to a place where common goals, objectives and successes are achieved as a team, great for the long term future of
your organisation or company.


With so much change in the working world, development strategies also enable your people to keep pace with changes to your business environment and help ensure that your workforce adapt to changes and behaviours required in order to continue to perform well.

At Verian we believe that through the art of Coaching either to individuals or entire business teams you can help navigate development requirements and organisational changes required.

Coaching can successfully deliver behavioural change and performance improvements using a variety of modern Coaching and NLP techniques and the outcomes of Coaching can be tailored to focus on executive leaders, managers and/or teams ultimately impacting on the whole organisation if required. Coaching services offered include:-

Executive Coaching
Personal and Team Profiling
Coaching and NLP Skills
Personal and Team strength profiling
Behavioural change
Team development
Change Management
Training course delivery
Performance Management (individual and team)
Management and Supervisory development
Personal/Career Coaching

Whether its leadership and management development or dealing with change in role or career, Coaching to support individuals and/or teams during this challenging time is critical to success yet often missed. Through Coaching people can discover new strengths and overcome limiting beliefs enabling them to recognise their true potential and deliver their best results for the business and for them personally.

Talk to us today if you feel that Development Coaching can assist your business.

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