Why Us?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM or paid search) are unusual disciplines because they are largely unregulated and most practitioners are unqualified. Would you hire an accountant or plumber without knowing they are qualified? Us neither.

Make sure the SEO/SEM professional that you hire has qualifications – here are ours.

Google Ads Certificate

Google Ads Certified.
If you require a paid search professional, I am vetted and endorsed By Google to provide this service.

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Google Analytics Cert

Google Analytics Certified.
Google Analytics is a vital tool for both SEO and paid search, I am also vetted and endorsed by Google for this.

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University of California SEO certificates

Google doesn’t provide its own course on SEO but Google does recommend this SEO certification course called the SEO Specialization series created by the University of California

semrush and hubspot

Four more courses provided by prominent marketing bodies like SEMRush and Hubspot.

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