Is your site up to the job? should you invest in a new one? or, just have experts tinker under the bonnet? Not sure what the right move is?? Verian can help.

The need for a good website to support your business model is required more than ever.

When you are not available at the end of a call or in-person to speak to Mr or Mrs Customer then your website often does the talking for you. It needs to be good in appearance, it needs to be easy to navigate and it needs to say the right things about your business.

You have seconds to impress your site visitors whilst they move around your website and read about your products and services, a potential negative website experience can be devastating to convert those visitors into customers.
If you are not an expert, it is often difficult to assess your website, it may well be a great platform and only requires technical updates to be at its sharpest, it may require new content or, perhaps it is on an old-style hosting platform and needs to be recreated in a newer version to really carry your digital presence forward.

At Verian we can assess your current website status and guide you with the best course of action thereafter. Our audits of your current website platform inform you on what is hot and what is not, where you can improve and how we can help you to achieve this, all for the very reasonable sum of £00.00

Yes, free audits are available here and not just an automated report, one of our specialists will go through your site properly and identify the route to put you on the right track.

For us at Verian we see this as the opening chapter of a potential novel, we don’t want to shock business owners into submission of long term contracts and commitments, merely advise on the current status and discuss if it is right for us to collaborate with you longer term and become an SEO partner.

From our experience, website audits do not always have to result in a recommendation for a new website or putting in place rebranding and marketing strategies, quite often revising content, carrying out technical updates on the website and going forward, setting website objectives, conducting regular reviews with ongoing site maintenance and checks means the existing platform is often the right vehicle to progress with.

Verian offers businesses expert advice and solutions for your company website needs. Why not talk to us today to see how we can advance your long-term digital/online website strategy or perhaps create a new one for you!



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