Now this lady looks pretty happy with the website she is visiting and we imagine whatever the site was for, it offered useful content and slick processes. It appears the credit card is out and a transaction will take place, great news for the business behind the website.

The website in this analogy probably achieved this by having good SEO practices in place which helps keep both Google and People remain engaged with your website and has particular benefit when you want:-

  • People to buy goods and services from you
  • Share your materials/promote you
  • Join your mailing list or follow your activities
  • Click your links to affiliate services
  • Link to your website

Looking like a professional site, being easy to navigate and being well branded will go a long way to ensuring the above goals are achieved.

Good technical structure is also key, having the right on-site and off-site tags, references, descriptions and keywords and are just some of the things to be on top of and, the list of requirements seems to grow by the week with Google (and other leading search engine aficionados) moving the goalposts and saying what are good site behaviours and bad.

In basic terms the better your site looks, behaves and performs will ultimately affect its rank in terms of search results.

Now it may well be, some aspects of your website are good in terms of some of these items that we mention above, meaning buying packaged services from SEO providers isn’t going to cut it, spending your money where it isn’t necessarily required. Instead, what you want is a review of your site, followed with structured and informative feedback from professionals who know what to look and that can provide you with the right level of information to enable you to pick and choose the right SEO objectives to focus on.

So, if the minefield of SEO requirements sounds a bit much to add into your already heavy workload or perhaps you are not quite sure where to begin, then speak to Verian.

We have technical skills, technical experience and a passion for good SEO.



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