Having a Website Without SEO is tantamount to being in the commercial wilderness like a donkey in a random field, does anyone know you are there? So, don’t be that donkey and instead be a thoroughbred at the races for all to see!

Would you set up a shop in the middle of a forest with only the odd intrepid hiker likely to pass by? Or an ice cream parlour on top of a mountain for a handful of rock climbers? No, you want to be seen by as many passers by as possible and ideally those passers by are itching to buy the exact products your shop sells. Out of town supermarkets do work but they are big enough to generate their own customers and most shops don’t have that luxury.

You can extrapolate this to represent almost every type of website imaginable. A website’s primary purpose is to attract visitors, everything else is secondary. The next consideration is the type of visitor. OAP’s don’t normally buy skateboards and skateboarders don’t normally buy sensible shoes and tweed jackets. Targeting is almost, and in some cases more, important than volume. So traffic and targeting are imperative, without either, you are in a worse position, you are behind even the donkey.

Get Seen with SEO

The great thing about search engines is they can send you not only large numbers of visitors but also those visitors can be targeted and interested in the subject matter of your site.

Search engine optimisation is not magic, it’s not cheating the system, it’s just observing best practices and guidelines set by the search engines to ensure your site performs properly. 

You can think of SEO split into 4 main disciplines;

  1. Technical. Your site works properly, loads quickly and, critically, is understood by the search engines.
  2. Content. This is what users and search engines engage with, it needs to be done correctly.
  3. User Experience. If visitors engage with your site and find it useful, it will show in user metrics and your site will be rewarded in the rankings.
  4. Backlinks. A link is like a vote, the better the link, the bigger the vote. This is probably the most powerful ranking signal but won’t work without the other 3.

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